20% overspend on marine lubricants

If you take the time to compare theoretical lube oil consumption for the big consumers MDCL, TPEO and system oil you will find a large gap between what it should be and what it is.


Optimain has calculated that the market is consuming up to 20% more that it needs to, simply as a result of over-lubrication in 2st CLO and early oil changes, based on time and not oil condition, for 4st engines.

More importantly it’s the smaller operators who tend to do this and who can least afford to in the current climate.

We are building a benchmark tool to allow users to measure over consumption and need to test the model.

As a result we need real data on consumption values for different ship types can you help?

Please email me if you can share your data. We won’t share it further but it will help us to validate our calculations and deliver this useful tool. Click here to tell us more

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