BiNDT Comadit Prize Winner 2013

Awarded to
any research worker or group of named research workers for a significant contribution through research and development in any branch of Condition Monitoring to the benefit of industry or society.

This was jointly awarded to Danny Shorten (Lloyd’s Register) and Steve  Greenfield (Eaton Aerospace) for their separate contributions to the field of Condition Monitoring.

In regard to my work this was linked directly with the creation of a cross technology qualification of marine engineers who have an existing competence set but are not necessarily following a path to become a CM specialist .

The Marine Machinery Condition Monitoring qualification meets the necessary ISO requirements for the training and certification for mariners engaged in multi-disciplined CM activities or those external contractors who wish to also demonstrate a cross party competence. In addition the training elements have been aligned to MNTB learning requirements.

As the marine world is edging towards a cultural shift away from traditional time based schedules to one based upon sensor data and condition analysis and analytics, this accreditation offer shipping companies a ready method of referencing competence for any stakeholder such as classification or port state control etc.


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