Category 1 and 2 PCN Lubrication Training in accordance with ISO 18436 pt4

We are running a training course in Liverpool (4th-7th April 2022) for those who wish to learn and become familiar with lubricants, lubrication technology & oil analysis.

Anyone involved with lubricants management and lubrication will benefit from this training and the additional qualification that can be gained should you wish to take the examination and become PCN certified to ISO 18436 pt4.

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Subjects covered as per ISO 18436 p4
1. Maintenance Strategies
2. Lubrication theory/fundamentals
3. Lubrication selection
4. Principles of lubricant application
5. Lubricant storage and management
6. Lubricant contamination measurement and control
7. Oil sampling
8. Lubricant Failure Mechanisms
9. Wear debris monitoring and analysis
10. Lubricant analysis, programme development and management

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