CM Specialist – BUYER BEWARE!

In the field of condition monitoring there are a number of specialist technologies such as Vibration analysis; Lube oil testing; Thermography; Acoustic emission; Electrical signature analysis where competence can be assessed under an agreed standard.

Shipping companies engage directly or via contractual arrangements individuals to provide CM support, diagnostics and prognostic advice as part of their planned preventative or condition based maintenance strategy.

The problem for the shipping company is that it is completely acceptable for an individual to claim that he or she is certified at Category I through IV in standards such as the ISO 18436 suite of standards, furthermore it is acceptable for that to be based upon a first party self assessment basis.

It is also acceptable to become certified to this standard within a company scheme, a second party approach.

Both of these methods of demonstrating compliance are considered unacceptable by professional CBM practitioners as this undermines those who seek to differentiate based upon clearly verified competence.

It is therefore is strongly recommended to cite third party independently certified persons within tenders and commercial contracts as this demonstrates a sufficient depth of control to ensure that both the individual and the certifier have been thoroughly examined and can demonstrate competence and compliance.

Ask to check and demand it!

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