Competence Recognition for CBM practitioners

As CBM gears up and starts to look attractive to the industry the first thing that will happen is a wealth of experts will suddenly materialise claiming that they have been in the industry for so long and are the best qualified to help you either set-up or run your CBM programme.

The truth is that in the majority of cases this will simply not be true or at worst very difficult to demonstrate.

I believe that we need to ensure that our skilled folk are accredited accordingly so that their judgement cannot be questioned and this we can eliminate this negative issue before it takes hold.

I suggest specifying the standards such as the ISO 18436 training standard. This is geared up for all CBM technologies and is an internationally recognised standard for CM.
Many providers will have the skills but will not be accredited against this standard – we are encouraging CM practitioners to approach their local body, perform the gap analysis and get accredited to ensure when professional qualifications are requested in the area of CM and CBM we can all specify an internationally agreed minimum standard.
There are many bodies able to provide this accreditation wordwide. In the UK the BINDT is the national body that is leading in this area.

Of significant interest to the marine community is that they have also created a standard which meets both ISO 18436 and the MNTB training standard called Marine Machinery Condition Monitoring. This is a standard intended for  use of multi-skilled practioners in the marine industry, i.e. with recognised VA, LA and TA etc (vibration, oil and thermography) competencies. Putting the industry and local skills first and then massing a range of competencies accordingly. This is also achievable at equivalent Category 1, 2 and 3 levels. Where practitioners will be expected to be a minimum of Category 1 in two or more subjects.

Too often we have so called experts in this area who cannot substantiate their qualifications – I say check them and make sure you are happy. Then make sure all your team are up to date and can also demonstrate competence when and where it is needed.

Demand it!

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