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3 thoughts on “Failure curves and stats

  1. Hi Danny,

    Interesting analysis that you are showing, I am not sure of the answer but I would love to know more about these analysis and case studies if any. Can you refer me to more detailed material about these 4 studies?

  2. Hallo Danny,

    Indeed, interesting analysis. It reminds me at RCM II in which also is stated that there are other failure curves than we ‘theoretical’ expect. That also gives another insight to the maintenance approach for ship installations (altough RCM II is from the aviation world). Within our Navy is it something that we are going to use more and more coming years.

  3. Hi Danny,

    This is very interesting. I was familiar with the UAL failure curves, but not the others. Do you have the reference where these curves are presented? And if you know more about any such investigations for modern ships, please do share 🙂

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