Lubes Cost Reduction!


Why do you use so much lube oil?

How often are you main engines running and at what power? How many hours a year do the auxiliaries run and under how much load? How often is ship at anchorage or in port undertaking cargo handling duties? What drives lube oil consumption? Do you really know? Interested in cost reduction?

After fuels – lube costs are the biggest single consumable cost – do you know why? 

You could know this!

Optimain are conducting a study into the utilisation of shipping to develop our in-house predictive model for the consumption of main crosshead 2st engine oil, cylinder lube oil and 4st trunk piston engine oils.

The goal is to better understand why we use so much lubricant and how we can work to reduce it.

Are you interested to help us and build your capability in this area?

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