Marine Machinery Condition Monitoring – Marine lags other industries why?

I have condensed some thoughts into a short paper which I am presenting at two events this month;

MPMM Sunderland 12th and 13th September 2012

and IMarEST CBM Conference 26th and 27th Septemeber 2012

IMarEST CBM 2012

This does not presented to be the definitive word on the subject but is instead intended to promote discussion and debate that moves the process forward. Also CBM is only one solution that may only be relevant to some of the fleet. Mostly there will be combinations of strategies that are best in each case. However, what is certain is that we have to promote best practice, where in the main compliance is the minimum entry standard.

As we globalize and the boundaries between elements in the supply chain become blurred the weak ones with stand out and this will lead to commercial opportunities for the better maintainers.

Have a read of this and feel free to comment, criticise, argue etc! Your opinions are important as your silence now may impact upon the course that industry takes.

Read PAPER here — Ship Machinery Condition Monitoring – Sunderland 2012

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