Summers arrived… I think.. but what about after?

Taking time to take time


As I sit here to write a few lines about where I am in regard to the world of work, my mind keeps jumping to the fact that the undercoat on the front door is probably dry now and that I could add the top coat. But as it’s raining, only slightly you understand, it may not be the best time to start to paint. But then I remind myself that the front door is within a porch and as such because it’s not that windy, the rain would not be a problem, oh and the door opens inward so I would not be painting it when it was closed and likely to get wet.

Do you see my problem? Probably not! You may be thinking I wish I had that problem.

I am loving being here with the family and getting to do all the jobs that I wanted to do and being flexible and carefree, but in the back of my mind, there is a nagging fact that this is only a temporary situation. Therefore, I cannot truly relax.

My plan remains to stay out of the loop until the end of the school summer holidays, I can just about manage that. But I know that I will not be able to enjoy the summer holidays unless I can have a plan for what happens after, so I need to make that plan now and have some paid work, or the expectation of it at least and I need to do that now. But this is a problem because I want to enjoy the time off and not spend it working out how to get going afterwards, do you follow. so whilst I am writing this blog all I want to do is finish the paint job on the door but I can’t do that whilst this is …. you get it!

So I am getting a company formed and I will be trading this year and I hope that I can get enough work to allow me to take the odd few days off to paint the odd door – metaphorically speaking – So now I will go and paint this one! At least that’s one job fewer to worry about! 🙂


That’s better! Still got to scrape off the odd overspill but job done!

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